Laura's Little Locket

Earlier this year, I spent 4 months hopping around Australia, some of Indonesia and SE Asia. Such a truly incredible experience, so many adventurous to be had, so many pristine beaches to discover, waking up in new dreamy destinations each day, yes yes yes, so amazing, but this takes a lot of planning and organisation! It isn’t all set out for you, you make your own journey and plan your own route!

I wanted to share some things that I picked up along the way to help with the planning and just generally being a traveller. Some are pretty simple, but when you feel like a million miles away from home, you can’t find any wifi and you’ve got barely any cash on you, small tips will feel like lifesavers!

  • Packing. This is the first thing that will probably cross your mind once you’ve booked your flights and you know you…

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